Editorial Style Wedding Photos

Editorial Style Wedding Photos
– Julie Oswin

Editorial Style Wedding Photos


I have photographed many incredible weddings, at home and abroad, in summer, spring, autumn,  winter and met some fabulous people and couples. As a photographer my job is to document the day, capture the drama, the emotion, and the love of two individuals in a stylish natural way.  Does this mean that I direct couples?  Yes, but towards the most beautiful light, I can find.

This beautiful bride in the photograph above has to be one of the most nervous brides I have ever photographed, the emotion levels and nerves were running at full speed as she and her father made their way up the steps to the church doorway.  If I had chosen to stop them, turn and pose I would have lost this wonderful moment.

Holding her hand tightly, the bride’s father supported his daughter as she held onto his hand and held up the front of her dress to avoid tripping up.   Just as I was about to take the shot a little puff of wind moved the veil slightly, and the image came to life completing the story of the image.

Editorial Photography tells the story;  Captures the moment.

Special Moment
Editorial Style Wedding Photos
Dad’s Kiss

Creative Light Magazine

Creative Light Magazine
– Julie Oswin


Creative Light Magazine – Issue 35


Creative Light Magazine brings together people who are interested in the craft of photography. The first magazine published was in April 2014, and I am thrilled that the magazine continues to get rave reviews.
As well as deliciously colourful and inspiring photography by members of The Guild of Photographers, there are, as well, some exciting and informative articles. Check out the latest edition of the magazine.
The magazine is available and free to all to read. Please see the latest edition below.

–  Julie Oswin, Editor

Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your Wedding Photographer
– Julie Oswin


One of the most important and lasting reminders of your wedding day is your wedding photographs. Through your pictures, you will remember the atmosphere of your wedding, your dress, members of your family, your closest friends and your wedding guests. You will display photographs in your home; it will be a day of your life that together you will look back on forever. How to find the right photographer It is vital to find an experienced photographer, someone that you can get on with and that he/she is aware of your requirements for your special day. You need to feel entirely confident that the photographer you choose will take photographs that capture your wedding day, and the photographer can make you, and your guests feel not only comfortable but also look great.

There are now, with the age of digital, hundreds of photographers available to you. Photographers are a varied breed, some specialise only in photographing weddings, or they shoot weddings only as a sideline to their day job. An excellent place to start is to make enquiries with a search for photographers in your local area. Ideally, talk to your wedding venue, friends and family for any recommendations. The Guild of Wedding Photographers in the UK has members that publish a list of its members via their website www.photoguild.co.uk/search. Although it is not a full list of wedding photographers, it can prove a useful reference point to start finding a suitable photographer for your wedding.

Make contact with photographers and your wedding suppliers: 

Once you have booked the date of your wedding with your venue and place of ceremony, you can then begin searching via the internet for various suppliers in the local area as well as photographers. Once you have made a short list, ideally 5, make contact to see who is available for your date. It is essential that you speak with the suppliers on the telephone, get a feel for how they are with you, how they talk to you and then if you are happy to make an appointment to meet up. Don’t be pushed into a booking, listen to your gut instincts, if it doesn’t feel right, it usually means it isn’t right. 

Wedding Photography: 

What style of wedding photography are you searching for, is it traditional or journalistic style? Classical photography doesn’t mean static, boring, taking a long time and standing around for ages. A traditional or classical style of wedding photography is directed by the photographer, i.e. photographs of the two of you with your family, friends and bridal party. Journalistic style has no input/direction from the photographer, and he/she will work quietly in the background with no interaction with the wedding party and their guests.   Do you want family photographs, photographs of the bridal party and pictures of the two of you together? If your answer is yes, then a photographer with a real journalistic style is not an ideal choice for you. Do you want your photographer to capture the preparations in the morning before the ceremony? Do you want colour, black and white or toned images, or a mixture of them all?

Talk together about what you both will want from your wedding photographer; then you will both know what to discuss when you meet your prospective photographers. There are several things to look for when you view the work of a photographer. Ask to see a complete set of images from at least two weddings and when considering the collection of images, do you feel that the story of the whole day has been captured? Are the groups photographed together cleanly, not messy, and can you see all the people in the group? Do the guests look comfortable and happy? Can you see the detail of the bride’s dress, what about the cake? Are the flowers a burnt out blob stuck at the front of the bride without detail or are they full of colour? Ask yourselves, if this was your wedding day photographs would you be pleased or disappointed? What would you want photographing differently?”

Discuss all of your requirements: 

Discuss your photography requirements with your photographer so that they have an idea of what photographs you specifically wish them to capture for you.

Make a list, preferably with the photographer so that your wishes can be catered for within the time limits that will be available. Let the photographer also know of any particular part of the wedding he or she must capture and a list of ‘must have’ wedding photographs to take during the day.

Important Questions to ask: 

Confirm the photographer who will be photographing your wedding day. Ask how long they have been shooting weddings? How long they have been a photographer. Always remember that a photographer with a good depth of knowledge and experience photographing weddings is a powerful asset to you and your wedding day.  Make sure your photographer has got Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Wedding pictures are a big part of your day.  Make sure you are choosing the right person for the job.  There is no second chance if they don’t turn out how you expected them to.  A good, experienced wedding photographer is a very valuable complement to your special day.

Why We Love unplugged (And You Should, Too!)

Unplugged? Why switch off your mobile?

– Julie Oswin



A bride recently told me she had received over 3,000 images from guests at her wedding.  That’s right, 3000 images!  All taken during her wedding day,  “… what am I am going to do with all these photos Julie?  There are photos of guests photographing backs of other guests,  mobile devices stuck to faces.  All I just wanted was my friends and family to be at my wedding and enjoy our day not turn it into a photo-shoot.”

Today’s guests view the majority of their friends and family weddings through the back of their mobile phones or tablets. And, sadly not what is happening in front of them.  They miss so much; the pride on Dad’s face as he walks his daughter up the aisle, the first glance of the groom of his bride, Gran wiping a tear from her eye. 

My passion as a Wedding Photographer has always been to capture the emotion and excitement of a wedding day, the love between a couple, their families and friends. Sadly images, as shown in this small video I have added to this post (although from a videographer’s point of view but the same for photographers), seems to be the ‘norm’ for weddings today. 

Over the last few years as a wedding photographer, I have witnessed guests that are so busy getting their images onto Social Media that they miss out on so much, and so does the couple.  Last year, a bride said how sad she had that within a week of her wedding her wedding was splashed everywhere on the internet.  By the time she had got back from their honeymoon, everyone had seen her wedding and shared her whole day everywhere.  Something the couple wanted to do for themselves.   If you are a wedding couple planning your wedding, then perhaps it is time to consider having an unplugged wedding? Your guests can enjoy the day and experience at first hand the laughter, tears, happiness and emotion that a wedding brings, not second hand, without emotion, taken as a snapshot of their day, on the back of a mobile phone.

–  Please take a look at the video footage below.  Ok, it is a wedding in America and not the UK, but you get the picture!  Julie

Wedding Photos |


– Julie Oswin



Wedding Photos

It’s all about the shoes!


Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed;
Something blue!

Weddings have been built around superstition especially the white wedding dress, which signifies purity, something old relates to the life the bride is leaving behind, and something new is the life she will live as a married woman. Something borrowed should be something that is from someone who has had a long and happy married life. Something blue is meant to symbolise fidelity, purity and love.

The part of the poem that represents the Groom in this image is ‘something borrowed’, The Groom’s grandfather had recently passed away, and the Groom wanted to wear something of his Grandfather’s on his wedding day and chose to wear his Grandfathers favourite shoes.


Church Wedding
Groom, Bestman & Ushers
The Boys
Portrait of the Bride
The Old Vicarage

Wedding Photos | Prestwold Hall


– Julie Oswin


Wedding Photos


Beautiful Bridesmaids at Prestwold Hall

Photographing weddings is and always has been something I love to do. The Bride particularly wanted a ‘different’ image of the bridesmaids and not a ‘posed’ one.

I love the flow, and the movement of the bridesmaid’s dresses, the different angles of the bouquets, not all stuck in the middle of their tummies and the flowers in their hair can be seen.

For me, it is about capturing these special moments during a wedding. This picture is one of my all-time favourites.


Gorgeous Bridesmads
Arrival of the Bride
St Andrews Church
Church Weddings
Moments Captured

Bridesmaids Photographs

Bridesmaids Photographs

– Julie Oswin

Bridesmaids Having Fun

The bride requested a fun shot of the little bridesmaids. However, she didn’t want to have the usual ‘posed’ image, and the bridesmaids wanted a fun shot too!   The photograph is a more up-to-date version of a well-known photograph of mine of a group of bridesmaids captured many years ago which I was awarded UK Wedding Photographer of the Year.

I feel the framed image of the two girls in the background adds a twist to the composition and the bridesmaid’s throwing their feet in the air gives the element of fun and magic to the shot.

The girls and the bride were delighted with the photograph.

Bride & Dad
Arrival of the Bride
Proud Dad Moment
Quiet Moment
Walking on the grass