Editorial Style Wedding Photos
– Julie Oswin

Editorial Style Wedding Photos


I have photographed many incredible weddings, at home and abroad, in summer, spring, autumn,  winter and met some fabulous people and couples. As a photographer my job is to document the day, capture the drama, the emotion, and the love of two individuals in a stylish natural way.  Does this mean that I direct couples?  Yes, but towards the most beautiful light, I can find.

This beautiful bride in the photograph above has to be one of the most nervous brides I have ever photographed, the emotion levels and nerves were running at full speed as she and her father made their way up the steps to the church doorway.  If I had chosen to stop them, turn and pose I would have lost this wonderful moment.

Holding her hand tightly, the bride’s father supported his daughter as she held onto his hand and held up the front of her dress to avoid tripping up.   Just as I was about to take the shot a little puff of wind moved the veil slightly, and the image came to life completing the story of the image.

Editorial Photography tells the story;  Captures the moment.

Special Moment
Editorial Style Wedding Photos
Dad’s Kiss