Family Weddings

– Julie Oswin


Family Weddings

As a photographer, I am accustomed to capturing life events such as a wedding; creating a snapshot of a moment frozen in time. I am privileged to photograph not only the weddings but many of my couples’ babies, anniversaries, those ‘big’ birthdays and I am pretty sure,  that with time,  I will shoot some of the children’s weddings too!

This image of the Bride and her Gran was taken outside St Andrews Church, Prestwold in August. It is one of my all-time favourite photographs that I have taken in my career as a wedding photographer. I just love this image and the emotion of a very proud Gran. 

An image is about capturing expression and emotion, and this picture has it all.

Photography today has changed so much and is looked at today as something totally digital, something anyone can do.   The digital images are stored in the ‘cloud’ and are pictures that have been captured on a tablet or mobile phone,  rarely,  if at all,  printed or mounted into albums. Many images, in fact, millions are lost when hard drives break or computers crash. We should all try and print some of our pictures, frame a few cherished family members and put our favourite prints in a keepsake box. Just holding a photograph in your hands is rather magical and wow does it give a powerful trigger to our memories. Try it. But, don’t forget to pop the date on the back and where the image was taken!


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Bride and her Gran