– Julie Oswin


Wedding Photos – Signing the Regsiter

As a photographer, I prefer to capture the signing of the Register as naturally as possible as it creates a more natural and believable image of the wedding day. As opposed to the ‘staged’ signing of the Register photograph. This picture featured this week (above) is of the bride signing one of three marriage registration documents, completely off-the-cuff, natural photograph.  The image below however, is of the Bride & Groom is a ‘staged’ shot pretending to sign the Register with a false pen and a blank page.

Permission to photograph the signing of the registers is at the discretion of the Church or the Superintendent Registrar. As a professional photographer, you must always adhere to their instruction and wishes. Try not to sneak a quick snap. If a ‘staged’ photograph is requested by the Vicar or Superintendent Registrar, then this takes place after the official signing, or in some Churches after the wedding ceremony has been completed.


‘Staged’ signing shot
Signing Register
Barn Owl
Ring Bearer
Group Photographs
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