Why Book a Photographer?

Whatever your religion, weddings are all about your family, your friends and one fabulous party to celebrate the day you got married. Wedding photography is and should be all about capturing those special moments. The look on Dad’s face as he sees his little girl for the first time in her wedding dress, how proud he feels as he walks her down the aisle. Mum, her eyes filled with tears watching her daughter saying her vows, the big happy smile on Gran’s face as her granddaughter is marrying the person she loves, the little page-boy as he falls asleep during the church service. Not forgetting the laughter and emotion of the speeches, even the photograph of Uncle Brian checking out the dance floor with his new disco moves. Wedding’s are all about your nearest and dearest, a celebration of both marriage and family.

Magazines and websites are great for inspiration on colour themes, table plans, cakes, invitations, wedding dresses, outfits and the must-have wedding details not other ‘real-life’ weddings. The real story of a wedding day is the love between a couple, the emotion and friendship and their family and friends. It is also one of the most expensive and fabulous days of a couple’s life.

One of the many jobs of a wedding photographer is to capture the details. The fabulous cake created by your aunt, your beautiful flowers, your wedding shoes that your Gran bought for you,  the venue, the tables settings, decorations, favours, the wedding breakfast room, and not forgetting the gin bar!   But as much as the details are an integral part of your wedding day; the essential features are the atmosphere, the emotion, the tears, the laughter and the personalities of you, your family and your friends. These will be your treasured moments and the memories of your wedding day and are the nuts and bolts of a real ‘real-life’ wedding.

Many years from now, when you are the parents looking forward to your son or daughter’s wedding day, you will take out your wedding album, just the same as your Mum did with you and shared the memories captured within.  You will remember the family and friends who are sadly no longer with you, the friends who have separated and wonder where they are now. You will tell the story of little page-boy who fell asleep at the back of the church. Your Mum looked fabulous dressed in her ‘Mum of the Bride’ outfit. Your memories of your wedding day will come flooding back. This is what a family wedding is all about, not the details but the memories captured in a photograph.   Priceless.

“We wanted to say an enormous thank you for our wedding album.  It is amazing – you have captured so much!   We are absolutely delighted with it”.


” If you are reading this and planning your wedding day, please put down the bridal magazines, log out of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, switch off your mobile and take a long look at the person sitting next to you, the person you love, the person you are to marry and spend the rest of your life with.
Don’t worry about the weather; you can’t change it. Don’t worry that your shoes are not the perfect colour. Don’t be to upset that your best friend cannot be at your wedding or your sister doesn’t like her bridesmaid’s dress. All of this isn’t that important, disappointing it may be, but what is important is that you are marrying your best friend and your soul mate.

Choosing an experienced wedding photographer is important because they photograph all of your wedding day with images that freeze moments in time and tell the story of your special day. Your wedding photographs are not about the odd one or two great pictures but consistently good pictures taken throughout your wedding day.

I have always been proud to be a wedding photographer for over 20 years. My job? I capture it all for you”. Julie

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