Unplugged? Why switch off your mobile?

– Julie Oswin



A bride recently told me she had received over 3,000 images from guests at her wedding.  That’s right, 3000 images!  All taken during her wedding day,  “… what am I am going to do with all these photos Julie?  There are photos of guests photographing backs of other guests,  mobile devices stuck to faces.  All I just wanted was my friends and family to be at my wedding and enjoy our day not turn it into a photo-shoot.”

Today’s guests view the majority of their friends and family weddings through the back of their mobile phones or tablets. And, sadly not what is happening in front of them.  They miss so much; the pride on Dad’s face as he walks his daughter up the aisle, the first glance of the groom of his bride, Gran wiping a tear from her eye. 

My passion as a Wedding Photographer has always been to capture the emotion and excitement of a wedding day, the love between a couple, their families and friends. Sadly images, as shown in this small video I have added to this post (although from a videographer’s point of view but the same for photographers), seems to be the ‘norm’ for weddings today. 

Over the last few years as a wedding photographer, I have witnessed guests that are so busy getting their images onto Social Media that they miss out on so much, and so does the couple.  Last year, a bride said how sad she had that within a week of her wedding her wedding was splashed everywhere on the internet.  By the time she had got back from their honeymoon, everyone had seen her wedding and shared her whole day everywhere.  Something the couple wanted to do for themselves.   If you are a wedding couple planning your wedding, then perhaps it is time to consider having an unplugged wedding? Your guests can enjoy the day and experience at first hand the laughter, tears, happiness and emotion that a wedding brings, not second hand, without emotion, taken as a snapshot of their day, on the back of a mobile phone.

–  Please take a look at the video footage below.  Ok, it is a wedding in America and not the UK, but you get the picture!  Julie